Thursday, March 27, 2014


There is something radiant about a new baby. A beauty that can not be captured in mere words.
Meet Addilyn.
She is soft and sweet,
 and her parents adore her.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Oh my darling, you are my love and my bride. and oh my darling just want to hold you close and tight, as we dance tonight, and for the rest of our lives. - written by Jon

The day was golden, there was blue sky and rolling clouds, peanut icing cupcakes, navy and coral details, and a bride and groom who couldn't have been more ravishing. Their romance started back when they were just teenagers, when they meet in school. They went to dances together, graduated together, and journeyed to college. They have a grown together and finally on this day they vowed to stand by each other's side for a lifetime. On their big day they enjoyed the company of their loving friends and family, made beautiful vows, eat delicious cupcakes, and had their first dance to a song Jon wrote and recorded for that exact moment. 

Kali and Jon's story is one that moves me. I love the way that are devoted to each other and the way they so perfectly compliment one another. Their first look was tearful, and not only on Jon's part, the moms, bridesmaids, and this photographer alike were touched. Jon's your reaction to his bride was priceless. Hugo and I couldn't have been more blessed to capture such a beautiful moment. Kali and Jon we loved how your wedding was such a beautiful extension of your love for one another and the LORD.  May you be blessed by the memories you have of the day you joined your hearts and hands together, and may your continue to fall in love everyday. 

Happy Wednesday Everyone

Just because the best man couldn't attend the wedding doesn't mean he couldn't be in the pictures. ;)