Tuesday, September 2, 2014


S H A W N  +  S H E I L A 

//      e n g a g e m e n t    // 

One of my favorite things about this couple is their good heartedness. There is something so noble and fun about their characters. Shawn & Sheila were effortless and completely authentic in front of my camera, and of course their love was evident even in the way they care for each other in the simplest of details. Shawn asked Sheila to marry him by actually hand crafting a gorgeous cedar canoe, and surprising her with it while she was on a family vacation. The canoe is completely stunning, so we felt it would be perfect to incorporate some canoeing adventure into their engagement portrait session. I love capturing not only the joy and love between a couple, but the story of who they are, catching them in a moment where they are doing what they love, when they are being completely in their element. Shawn & Sheila I look forward with great joy to capturing your wedding day. You two are just simply wonderful. 

Happy Tuesday ALL! 

Thursday, August 28, 2014


L I N D S A Y  +  T Y L E R 

//     w e d d i n g    // 

You may remember Lindsay + Tyler from their engagement photo session last fall. From the moment we meet this wonderful couple we knew that their wedding was going to be nothing short of amazing! And guess what amazing really doesn't even adequately describe it. Everything about the day was so well thought through and there was such a deep sense of family and kindness at this wedding that Hugo and I felt like we were not just arriving at a clients wedding, but that we were in the presence of friends. 

Hugo and I have created a tradition of asking each other on our drive home from a wedding day what our favorite part of the day was. We often have several and in this case, I'm thinking we could probably just say the WHOLE day was our favorite part. However if I had to narrow it down I would say as part of Lindsay and Tyler's wedding ceremony all of their family and friends surrounded them and prayed a prayer of blessing of them. Needly to say the moment was just perfect, a for sure favorite of mine. Lindsay and Tyler we can't not say enough of good about you and your day. You both have such welcoming natures and we've truly cherish the time we've had to get to know you. May these images be a fine reminder of the beauty of your love and marriage, and all the fun that filled this day. 

Happy Thursday!

*SIGH*...that veil... :) 

You know you're loved when your friends greet you with this much excitement.